Kissed By The Snow

The cartels murdered his father. For former SEAL Rob Kincaid, the War on Drugs just became personal.

As the leader of the Red Squadron Security Agency, Rob is used to working under the radar - taking on government jobs that wouldn’t exactly pass congressional oversight. Being thirsty for revenge, he’s more than willing to take on Operation Snow Plow, a clandestine FBI plan to eliminate the cartels once and for all.

But as Rob digs deeper into the plan, he realizes this isn’t a typical government black op. Instead, he uncovers a shocking web of lies and conspiracies that can be traced back to the very core of Operation Snow Plow.

As he attempts to unravel that web, he finds himself plunged into a high stakes game of odd man out, where he has been targeted as the odd man.

The cartels murdered his father. For former SEAL Rob Kincaid, the War on Drugs just became personal.
Born and raised in San Francisco, Mr. Koller spent many years as a senior level marketing administrator in the California college and university system. In 2009, he left university life to become the Executive Director of the SS Jeremiah O’Brien, a WWII Liberty Ship berthed at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. It was while serving in that post that Mr. Koller became involved with veterans of America’s wars, from WWII through Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 'The Oath' author Dennis Koller crafted an excellent novel about a world-weary detective forced by circumstance to chase down a former POW who is bent on revenge.
In 'Kissed by the Snow' revenge also plays a major role in Koller's high-speed thriller that revolves around an effort by a small team of FBI agents determined to put an end to the drug trafficking that has wrought so much havoc on American society. 'The Oath' moved along at a fairly rapid pace; 'Kissed by the Snow' flat out gallops.
Tom McGuire, the detective who is the central character in 'The Oath,' is back in 'Kissed by the Snow' but the prime mover in this exciting tale of murder and retribution is Rob Kincaid. A former Navy SEAL who now heads a private security firm, Kincaid and his associates take on special assignments from the government when sending in U.S. troops is not - for one reason or another - an option. Kincaid is a hero in the classic mode: Tough, dedicated, courageous and highly skilled. In his life there has been no time for relationships, but that could change as he works with the FBI and assorted other federal agencies trying to find out who blew up an airliner with 180 people aboard and to discover why hundreds - perhaps thousands - of people are dying from anthrax poisoning.
Koller has done his homework for this thriller. His descriptions of the dual investigations, the weaponry that the former SEAL and his team use and even the dialogue are all spot on. As someone who also writes mysteries for a living, I can say without doubt that getting those details right is no easy task. Federal law enforcement agents, city cops and people in the military all speak English but to outsiders it might not seem that they do. Simply put: It is damn difficult to get the dialogue right when you are writing about people from such diverse viewpoints.
Koller gets it right.
And, as he did in 'The Oath,' Koller also gets right the internal conflicts that are a part of daily life in law enforcement. To an outsider, life in law enforcement is all about black and white. Those inside the profession know, however, that there are many shades of gray between those absolutes. Is it wrong, for example, to make deals with small-time felons in order to bring down bigger fish? Are there times when it's permissible to break the law in order to enforce it? Does working for 'the greater good' justify acts that, on the surface, seem reprehensible? Just what are the limits? Where are the boundaries?
Those paid to enforce the law must deal with these and other questions of morality and ethics every day of their working lives.
Most of us, thankfully, do not.
'Kissed by the Snow' is an excellent read that is packed with authentic descriptions of what happens when the good guys and the bad guys meet face to face. I thoroughly enjoyed it and think you will too.