Kelly Santana-Banks

Kelly Santana-Banks

Kelly Santana-Banks is a writer of nonfiction and children’s books, and a former early childhood teacher and caregiver. When she was young, she loved to play teacher with her sister, cousins, and neighbors. By the time she became a teenager, she had refused to read teenage novels, and instead dove into her mother’s “library” and read adult romance. As a young adult, she never considered teaching as a career, but little did she know that her childhood make-believe would pave the way to what would become her passion.

Kelly holds a Master of Science in Hospitality Management Studies and has more than ten years of experience working with children and a strong background in child development. She is an advocate for education, especially in early childhood.

The journey to full-time writing was a long one, though she has been a freelance writer (non-fiction) for four years now. The spark for writing ignited when studying and working in the field of early-childhood education. By there, she knew she wanted to author children’s books someday. A few years down the road, in a stroke of luck, she was invited to pursue reviews at Readers’ Favorite: Books Review and Award Contest, for which she became an official reviewer.
Parallel to that, she undertook resume writing projects and became a content writer. That is when she set up her blog, Reviews by The Banks, where she offers novel perspectives on educational, family/parenting, and entrepreneurial (writing & blogging) resources.

Currently, Kelly has been working on various book projects. She is soon to release her third book in the series Let’s Learn while Playing— Giggly Bear’s Fun Trip in the Yellow Bus. Her first two children’s books—The Adventures of Froblicious the Frog and Dinosaur Adventure: A Field Trip to Remember— were released June and July 2016, respectively, and are available at major retailers.


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My stories are inspired by real-life experiences. I have a background in early childhood education and many years of experience working with children in the classroom and as a caregiver. Because all of my stories have an educational moral, a have a lot of material to cover. For instance, Dinosaur Adventure: A Field Trip to Remember, in particular, was inspired by field trips to museums and zoos I participated in while being a teacher. Also, observing children and learning how they interact with the science around them, gave me a plethora of ideas to create with.
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Posted on: June 22nd, 2017
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