Kate Greene of Earth

“Amie and Charlie ran across the field and into the woods. Amie nearly tripped over the dilapidated fence except for Charlie pointed it out to her. She still couldn’t figure Charlie out, it was almost like he expected it to be there. Whenever she would ask him about this he always said it was nothing more than experience or one of his ‘hunches’. Once in the woods, suddenly the idea of nailing a crystal-meth addicted parkour expert seemed really infeasible.

Night had fully fallen. There was no trace of light from the sun at all and outside of their flashlights little else illuminated the eerie woods. Everywhere they looked dark, angular shadows jutted out contrasted against brightly lit tree-trunks making the whole woods look alive and threatening. They tried their best to follow the crashing sounds but they seemed to be coming from different directions all at once.  Suddenly, the crashing stopped and they ran towards it. They looked around with flashlights pointing in all directions for a while before Amie slowly trailed her flashlight up the trunk of one of the nearby larger trees. The light hit something black and angular and, as Amie’s eyes followed it, there was more to the shape. She followed it up to a bend and then in joined with another shape and suddenly it turned tan. Amie realized she was looking at the bottom of a black torso

…wearing cargo shorts? It was clearly a pair of typical cargo-styled shorts with buttons and pockets. The problem was they were a good 20 feet up in the trees above Amie’s head. Then Amie shown her light higher and found arms.

…and then more arms…

Amie couldn’t move. She couldn’t speak. Fear paralyzed every part of her body save for her flashlight hand which dutifully trailed the appendages until a head was revealed. Eight black eyes blinked in Amie’s bright light while fronds of what looked like ‘hair’ but moved cast eerie shadows in the sharp light. Suddenly the creature’s mouth snapped wide open.

Wider than could even be imagined…

Rows of razor sharp teeth jutted out of the mouth as the creature screamed something unearthly and leapt away. The scream brought Charlie’s light up but all he saw was the slip of something moving away fast. Amie couldn’t help herself. She collapsed to the ground panting and shivering at Charlie’s feet and held onto his leg with her flashlight pointing up.

That was no meth-addicted-parkour-expert-electrical-engineering-survivalist who likes porn and classical literature…

“Jesus Christ, Amie, what the fuck was that thing?” Amie was whimpering and shivering. It couldn’t be. Amie thought “This is real life. Shit like this doesn’t happen in real life.” Amie slowly answered Charlie

“It’s not human...”

Sequel to "Daniel and Kate." Kate has now shared her secret with Daniel and their very unusual love has come to full blossom. Her 'extra-terrestrial' secret spreads quickly, however, and soon FBI agents start poking around and asking delicate questions. It becomes clear that Kate cannot remain hidden forever. Can Kate manage first-contact without ending up an alien autopsy in Area-51? Will Daniel and Kate's love survive public exposure, or will fear and paranoia be the end of them both?
I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read