JS Garner

J.S. Garner

I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read. Works are adult fiction, primarily a mixture of sci-fi, fantasy, and action stories. I loathe predictability and so I focus on books that break the cliche such as a very human and insecure assassin (Mackenzie: An assassin's tale), aliens that are terrified of humans (Daniel and Kate series), a tale that inverts the Beauty and the Beast cliche (The Great Bob Stansbury), a tale in which the step-queen rescues the knight from the murderous princess (The Witch of Stroma), and a tale which redefine's the concept of Fairies (Yellowstone). Since I'm slightly addicted to writing, this is just a small sampling of the many stories listed here and others yet to come. Enjoy.

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My inspiration came from a laboratory accident. My daytime job is as a chemist working for a small company. In November of 2012, I mishandled a reaction and accidentally generated poisonous phosgene gas. I ended up in the ER, but managed to survive the incident. After that, however, I smelled phosgene everywhere. It felt like a curse that followed me from place to place and I could not escape. I had a great deal of anxiety with working in the lab again which grew worse with time. About a year later, I sought professional help and one suggestion was to find a creative outlet for handling my anxiety. I started writing as a means to distract myself from the anxiety and it worked. I write to this day not just as a coping mechanism but also because it is fun to tell new stories.
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