Into Winter

The sun was just peeking above the horizon on another beautiful early autumn day along the Gulf Coast in south Texas. A few puffy clouds claimed the orange sunrise, folding into the blue sky overhead. But Sandra’s attention was focused on the asphalt turning into concrete ahead. She gripped the steering wheel and pressed hard on the accelerator.

She yelled over and over, as she quickly gained on the yellow Cessna Skyhawk. “I’ll get you, you little bastard.”

It took only seconds to overtake the plane. The Jeep sped past and ahead. Sandra pulled hard on the emergency brake locking up the wheels. She had one leg out of the Jeep before it came to a full stop in a cloud of smoke in the middle of the runway. She drew her pistol, pulled back on the hammer, and pointed toward the yellow Cessna as it leapt into the air and over her head. Before she could get off a shot, she ducked realizing her mistake, but one of the tires on the plane clipped her hand. Sandra screamed in pain as the pistol slammed into her face and fell to the pavement.

“Son-of-a-bitch,” she yelled, as she watched the plane come back down and bounce on the runway a couple times before lifting off and climbing into the sky. She touched her cheek and looked at the blood on her hand. Her gaze returned to the end of the runway when she heard the shots. She watched the plane weave left and right, but it continued to climb. “God dammit!”

Sandra reached inside the Jeep for a rag to wipe the blood trickling down her face. She picked up her pistol and stuck it back in her holster. She watched as the plane made a wide swing over the Bayfront and circled back toward the Airport.

Sandra leaned up against the Jeep and squinted her eyes trying to recover from the blow to the side of her head. She looked back to the north and stared at the little plane as it made circle after circle near the edge of the city. Then the plane lined out and faded from sight.

That has to be the direction to Peaceful Valley. I’ll get that little bastard!

Sandra turned her attention to the truck driving toward her from the end of the runway where the shots were fired. The pickup pulled up beside her and the current sheriff of Corpus Christi, Mathew Helms, got out.

“I did the best I could,” he said.

Sandra stood and stared at him for a moment, her left hand on her left hip and the other on her pistol. “Yeah, I guess you did, but you know what, maybe your best just isn’t good enough around here.” She quickly drew her pistol and fired two rounds into his chest. Mathew’s eyes popped open wide and the surprise was evident on his face.

Nope, your best just isn’t good enough!

Sandra turned and climbed into her Jeep, cranked up the engine, and took one more look at Mathew lying in a growing puddle of blood, before she headed toward the Farm. Halfway there, she remembered Russ and Jorge at the Airport and turned around to check on them.

Sandra walked into the hangar and yelled out, “Russ! Jorge!” There was no answer and she headed through Russ’s office and into his sleeping quarters, flipping the lights on as she went. She gasped and covered her mouth with her hand when she saw Russ’s face covered with blood, his eyes frozen in time, staring into space. She turned and headed to Jorge’s room. She flipped his light on and immediately turned it back off and closed the door.

“Dammit!” echoed through the hangar.

Sandra shook her head in disgust as she walked back outside, climbed into the Jeep, and headed toward the Farm.

Robbie and two lady friends escape Corpus Christi by the skin of their noses, but Sandra has blood in her eyes as she plans her revenge. She gathers an army to invade Peaceful Valley. Who will live? Who will die? There is only one place to find out.
Larry Landgraf was born and raised in the swamp country of the Guadalupe River delta along the Texas Gulf Coast. He is an ex-commercial fisherman, an ex-contractor, and now after a death-defying on the job injury, he has turned to writing. He never planned on becoming an author, just something which fell into his lap when he woke up one morning with a story in his head and started writing.

Into Winter gets 5 STARS!

I love this book and the entire series! This is the third book and I am really enjoying the fascinating story that Larry has crafted. He has such depth of character for all of the people in Peaceful Valley and beyond. I feel like I really understand and identify with so many of the residents. Larry has a great balance of dialog, action, and narration, the story moves along so nicely with just the right amount of detail.
You can read this story by itself, of course, but the reading will be ever so much richer if you read them in sequence. You are in for a treat either way!
Into Winter: The Armed Invasion gets 5 STARS! Thank you, Larry, for so much pure reading pleasure! by Mark Schultz