Lady Ruth Bromfield

In 1935, Ruth was in born to an unmarried Jewish mother in Germany.
Fearing the Nazi persecution, Ruth was sent to England on the "kinder transport“ to be raised by a Church of England priest.
He raised in the Christian...

Author: Gordon Smith


Failure. It has plagued Aaron for the past years. It has awaited him at every turn and knocked him down time and time again. But now he is at the edge of his rope as failure has left him far...

Author: Ammar Habib

One of a Kind

Paula Copeland is a high-maintenance, women's boutique owners, and part-time real estate who is tired of always being the bridesmaid but never the bride.

Author: Maxine Billings

In Sickness and in Health

This sequel to THE BREAKING POINT will take you into the lives of Darryl and Catina Jones. Now married and expecting their first child, they feel that nothing can separate them from one another's love. But when Darryl loses both...

Author: Maxine Billings

Life After Momma

Fifteen-year-old Kiara was thirteen when her mother died of breast cancer. Although her life will never be the same, she is coping thanks to her father's love and support. But when he springs his new female companion on her and...

Author: Maxine Billings