Vengeance of an Evil Man

Twenty yards ahead a lamppost illuminated a solitary man. At this distance there was no mistaking Ulysses Lundetto, current chancellor of Zone 11, a heavyweight in every sense. Next in line to be World President, he was a politician of golden reputation. Not so much as a tinge of corruption had ever been proved against him, yet the inner circle knew. Lundetto was as crooked as a donkey's hind leg tied up in knots, then twisted before being spun.
Bardolf took the moment to flick his special zollar coin, not that he believed in augury. Spinning this favoured silver piece was merely a habit, and he cultivated habits like other people might nurture children. He glanced as it landed in his palm. Decision made, he moved on.
‘What were you doing back there?’ Lundetto barked as Bardolf covered the last few yards – not that he paused for an answer. ‘You’re late. Bad mistake keeping me waiting.’ He sniffed and tugged up his coat collar.
‘Chancellor Lundetto,’ Bardolf stated unapologetically, dark eyes unwavering.
As Lundetto glowered, Bardolf set aside Gorg’s advice to check round for treachery. He saw no need. Obviously Lundetto had something important to say, otherwise he’d never have left his palatial quarters and travelled a quarter of the way around the globe.
‘You wired?’
Bardolf smiled.
‘Makes no difference if you are. I’ve technology that knocks out any device.’
‘Chancellor,’ Bardolf parried, ‘you’re one of the most influential men on the World Council of Zone Councils, I assume you have a reason for summoning me to this late evening chat in the rain.’
Lundetto took a deep breath, his small eyes lifting as if to deliver a keynote speech to the WCZC. When he spoke it was with enforceable menace. ‘I have you dead to rights, Bardolf. It’ll cost you everything.’
Bardolf arched an eyebrow, another habit. ‘I’m just a businessman.’
‘Save it. Your scam’s taken millions out of the Exchequer and I can trace it all back to you.’ He ran a podgy hand over his forehead like a preening mantis. ‘You’re off to jail and you can rot there for all I care.’
Bardolf didn’t react.
Lundetto twisted the knife. ‘I’ll have you targeted by all the lowlife scum.’
Still Bardolf didn’t react.
‘Are you stupid?’ Lundetto demanded tersely.
‘Since we’re here, Chancellor, you’ve obviously something else in mind, so let’s hear it.’

Blackmail starts it. Vengeance fires it. Death ends it. A game of manipulation and double dealing. Oswald Bardolf is the wrong man to blackmail. Yet Chancellor Lundetto demands that he deliver mayhem and rock the political system. At stake is the World Presidency. Lundetto wants it and no price is too high. But has Lundetto made a deadly mistake? Although outwardly complying, Bardolf harnesses his own extensive resources. He's determined to break Lundetto’s commanding grip. As with the chancellor, no price is too high. The Vengeance of an Evil Man drags in the innocent and guilty; the strong and weak; the greedy and generous. All have their lives changed – some die. There can only be one winner.
Robert D Turvil lives in the South of England and has always had a love of books. He is married and has three adult sons. When it comes to his own writing, he likes to take tricky subjects and develop situations that sweep the whole gamut of emotions. He feels that reading should be a roller-coaster ride – but with a blindfold, so that you can’t see what’s coming.