The Weaponeer

In the French Alps, the cable-cars are called telepheriques, and the Aiguille du Midi telepherique, in the French border town of Chamonix, is the godmother of them all. More akin to an elevator into space than a ski lift, it climbs an ever-steepening inverted arc to the summit crag. The final two hundred feet is a dead vertical pull, one of those experiences when most passengers find themselves offering silent prayers, searching for the comforting hand of whichever god they chose.

From its base on the valley floor, already at three thousand feet above sea level, the telepherique rises to a lofty perch at twelve thousand feet, an ascent of nearly the same change in altitude as the summit of Mount Everest is from her base camp. It was the most aggressive cable-car route in the Alps.


A Russian assassin pursues two American scientists halfway across the globe, determined to prevent them from releasing the antidote to a radical, new bio-weapon.
Lou Sparanges lives in New England with his wife, Deb, their sons Chris and Eric, and their cat, Luci. Lou has degrees in Zoology, as well a DMD from Tufts University. He has spent a lifetime balancing his professional life with family, as well as a never-ending thirst for adventure.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Masterfully Written
By D.E. Williamson November 21, 2017
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Masterfully written! Riveting! Thought provoking and well thought out plot! Best action packed thriller I've read in years .I would give it more stars if possible.