The Best Sleepover In The Deep Blue Sea

Once upon a time, there was a very tiny princess who lived in a very large castle under the sea. She lived on one side of the castle and her brother, the very tiny noble knight, lived on the other side. Both Chance and Harmony were too afraid to go to sleep for fear of invaders.

“Let's have a sleepover,” Harmony suggested. The tiny princess and the tiny noble knight decided to invite all of their friends over to the very large castle so that they could feel safe and get some sleep. Their friends were Pinkie the Whale, Gray Boy the Dolphin, Octess the Octopus, Lizzie the Lizard, Sharkie the Shark and King Greenie the Frog.

“How will we tell them? We don’t have a phone because a whale knocked down a power line,” asked Chance, the tiny noble knight.

“We'll just have to go to each one and tell them about our sleepover,” suggested Harmony, the tiny princess. They decided to wait until the next morning to get an early start.

“What will we do until then?” asked Chance, the tiny noble knight.

“Let's bake some cookies, pies and cakes,” the tiny princess suggested.

“And then what?” her brother asked.

“That's not going to take all night. We are inviting six friends over,” explained the tiny princess. “We can prepare six of our finest rooms in the castle so that each one will have his or her own room. We'll have to make a special bed for Octess because she has eight arms and needs a lot of room to sleep.”

“And then what?” he repeated.

“Must I think of everything?” shouted Harmony, the tiny princess. Then she stomped off through the castle.

“Girls!” mumbled the tiny noble knight.

“Boys!” mumbled the tiny princess. Yet, they worked together all night getting the castle ready for their undersea sleepover.


Have you ever had a hard time falling asleep? That’s exactly what happened to Harmony, a very tiny princess and Chance, a very tiny noble knight who lived in a very large castle under the deep blue sea. They were afraid to fall asleep for fear of invaders.They were certain that, if they had a sleepover and invited all of their friends, they would fall asleep without any problems. Come along with Harmony and Chance on their journey through the sea and meet the friends they invited to their sleepover. The Best Sleepover in the Deep Blue Sea is a bedtime children's book written for a first to third grade reading level.
Annette Bentley Smith is a writer of children’s short stories, rhyming poetry and picture books, for ages 0-4 and 5-9.