Robert D. Turvil

Robert D. Turvil

Robert has written stories for 20 years, tempting readers with unusual takes on life and all the bizarre baggage that goes with it. He likes to take tricky subjects and develop situations that sweep the whole gamut of emotions. He feels that reading should be a roller-coaster ride – but with a blindfold, so that you can’t see what’s coming.
His latest book: ‘Vengeance of an Evil Man’ is a political/crime thriller that really lives up to its name. It will keep you enthralled and guessing the whole way through.
His fantasy book ‘The Devil’s Charity’ is a roller-coaster ride that features a man in crisis. His ‘7½ short stories you’ll want to read’ includes tales of crime, betrayal, murder and love.
Robert writes from his home in southern England, where he raised three sons with his wife Anne, who reads all his words before they reach the shelves and Kindles.

Lenka's List had the pleasure to publish this interview on: January 21st, 2018
I wanted to write something different; something that avoided predictability and presented interesting characters, warts and all.
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