Richard Griffith Interview

Richard Griffith is a half crazy Alaskan, who spends the long winter's nights pounding away on his keyboard, thinking he is creating readable work.

What inspired you to write?
I started writing on a dare from a friend. A NANOWRIMO supporter who challenged me to write a novel. When I went to the first meeting for NANOWRIMO the speaker asked who had a novel they had been wanting to write for over five years. A lot of us raised our hands. He then went on to point out that if we had only written a hundred words a day, we would have been finished by then. That was when I made the conscious decision to sit down and write. Now I love it.

Did the inspiration to write come to you suddenly, or had you been thinking about it some time?
Long time for the first book, Lady Excalibur. But after that the ideas just kept coming.

How did you tell your story? In other words, did you use an outline, or just write your story from start to finish?
I just sat down and wrote. The first book seemed to simply flow. I have used outlines and storyboards ever since.

Did you receive any encouragement from family and friends, or did you work on your book alone?
Pretty much worked alone. Some encouragement from good friends.

What was the most difficult part of writing your book?
Keeping the descriptions of characters straight. I had to write out bios and folders for all of them.

What was the most enjoyable aspect of writing your book?
Looking at the finished product and knowing that even if it never sold, I had accomplished something millions only dream about.

Did you experience any personal transformation after the book was published?
Not really. I'm still the same old insane guy.

What’s something that gets in the way of your creativity?
Lack of time. The demands of having a nine to five job and family sometimes puts blocks in the way.

What strategies do you use to deal with criticism?
I just remember, that the ones that criticize the loudest, are the ones that have never actually written anything.

Where did you grow up and what is your favorite/worst childhood memory?
I grew up on the south side of Chicago in the burbs. I have too many great memories to count.

Do you have a favorite quote?
"Tell me not in mournful numbers, life is but an empty dream." Longfellow. I know it may sound depressing, but if life is empty then find something that fills it for you. God, family, writing. Whatever it takes.

What is your favorite show on TV?
Big Bang Theory, and Agents of Shield.

Favorite movie?
The Princess Bride

Favorite book?

Is there a talent you wish you had?

What’s something about you that would surprise us?
I am also an amateur standup comic.