Michael Cupo

Michael Cupo

I grew up in Newark, NJ and was one of six children. I have been married for twenty four years. I own a home and I have two children. I have been at the same job for twenty seven years. I am the happiest I have ever been and it is all because of the Love that has always been in my life. I attribute all that has happened to me to that Love. None of what has transpired in the last five years of my life has anything to do with any accomplishments on my part.
There was always a lot of love in our home as I grew up, but for reasons unbeknownst to me at the time I was always in trouble. I was at the top of my brother-in-law’s ‘Who My Sister Shouldn’t Marry’ list. I drank alcoholically, gambled, abused drugs, and painkillers. I bounced from relationship to relationship. Even after I stopped abusing alcohol and drugs in 1987 my so-called outer troubles stopped, but my self-centered behavior never changed. All I did was substitute one compulsion for another. Although my addiction became more respectable in the form of material possessions, I was still trapped, migrating restlessly from one obsession to another. I went to Twelve Step meetings, derived some benefit from them, and then fell away. My loved ones got me into de-tox and rehab programs. But once I was released, the cycle of insatiable craving started all over again … Until it didn’t. And then my life changed — not instantly or magically, but profoundly.
I share this change in It’s Monday Only in Your Mind: You are Not Your Thoughts. I discovered that I wasn’t dependent upon a substance or activity, but ruled by my ego. In fact, ‘ego addiction’ describes ‘the human condition,’ or human conditioning. My need to reach outside myself for fulfillment was created by a false perception of deficiency. If this sense of lack didn’t exist in me, there wouldn’t have been a need to reach and grasp.
My credentials for writing this book are that I live this change each day. My view of life is so different from the way it use to be. Through the practice outlined in my book I have learned to quiet my mind enough to allow my heart to open. The quieter my mind becomes the more Love becomes the default setting of my life. This is truly a modern-day miracle, a miracle that can happen to anyone who has the desire to change.

Published Sort ascending Title
2018-03-22 Liberation Through Love
2018-03-20 Arising Creativity
2018-03-19 Treadmill Path
2018-03-19 Turmoil in Place
2018-03-18 Illusion of Self
2018-03-17 Storied Beliefs
2018-03-15 Observing the Observer
2018-03-15 The Next Step
2018-03-14 The Treasure is Within
2018-03-13 The Hole of Loneliness
2018-03-11 Open Minded Energy
2018-03-10 Innocence of a Child
2018-03-09 Eyes of Perception
2018-03-09 Obligated to Love
2018-03-08 Not Minding What Happens
2018-03-06 Conditioned Programming
2018-03-05 Morning Silence
2018-03-05 Knowledge Isn’t Enough
2018-03-04 The Discontent of Wanting
2018-03-03 “I” Temptations
2018-03-02 Attachment is Suffering
2018-03-01 Using the Body
2018-02-28 Mind Truth Isn’t Truth
2018-02-26 Forming Opinions
2018-02-25 Conditioned Ignorance
2018-02-25 Perception Isn’t Truth
2018-02-24 Humanly Hooked
2018-02-23 Delusional Form Attachment
2018-02-21 Delusional Opinions
2018-02-21 Awakened Tools
2018-02-20 Beyond Duality
2018-02-19 Blindfold Beliefs
2018-02-18 The Fallacy of Faith
2018-02-16 Thought Bondage
2018-02-16 Tug of War
2018-02-15 Silently Awake
2018-02-14 Life’s Intentions
2018-02-13 The Suffering of “I”
2018-02-12 Present Moment Tie In
2018-02-10 Comparing You to Yourself
2018-02-09 The Weight of the World
2018-02-08 Confused Conditioning
2018-02-07 “Grasping at Straws”
2018-02-06 Perfectly Unconscious
2018-02-06 Love Energy
2018-02-05 Love: Absent of “I”
2018-02-03 Never Satisfied
2018-02-02 Self Destructive Behavior
2018-02-02 Past to Present Labels
2018-02-01 Accumulative Energy
2018-01-31 A Place of Love
2018-01-30 Understanding Conditioning
2018-01-29 Touching Hearts
2018-01-28 Mindfully Present
2018-01-27 I Emotions
2018-01-26 The Slightest Push
2018-01-25 Reliable Tools
2018-01-23 No Real Void
2018-01-22 The Fear Illusion
2018-01-21 Aligning With Life
2018-01-20 Trying to Fix Yourself
2018-01-18 Learning to Love
2018-01-17 Blind Reactions
2018-01-17 Self Investigation
2018-01-16 Pleasure Perception
2018-01-15 Truth Uncovered
2018-01-13 The Thought to Reach
2018-01-13 Forgiveness Story
2018-01-12 Limiting Results
2018-01-11 Shelter From the Storm
2018-01-10 Nobody Watching Honesty
2018-01-09 A Quiet Mind Sees
2018-01-08 Making Room
2018-01-07 Conditioned Desires
2018-01-05 Expansion of Love
2018-01-05 Surface Noise
2018-01-04 Inward Truth
2018-01-02 A Limited View
2018-01-02 Putting Spirituality First
2017-12-31 Changing 2017 Conditioning
2017-12-30 Identified Agitations
2017-12-30 Evolution
2017-12-29 Only the Best
2017-12-28 Self Created Restrictions
2017-12-26 Knowing Yourself
2017-12-25 No Path Liberation
2017-12-25 The Greatest Gift
2017-12-24 The Space of Unity
2017-12-23 One Energy Source
2017-12-22 The World’s Pull
2017-12-21 Lip Service Love
2017-12-20 An Aching Heart
2017-12-18 Perfection of What Is
2017-12-18 Liberation From Self
2017-12-17 Misunderstanding Emotions
2017-12-16 Inner Disturbances
2017-12-15 Two Ways to Live
2017-12-14 Subtle Conditioning
2017-12-13 Self Created Misery
2017-12-12 Expansion of Consciousness
2017-12-11 Something Different
2017-12-10 Commitment to Love
2017-12-08 Harmony With Life
2017-12-07 A Conditioned Illusion
2017-12-06 Your Own Tools
2017-12-06 Attach Nothing
2017-12-04 Projected Ups and Downs
2017-12-04 The Best Tools Available
2017-12-03 Awareness
2017-12-01 Limited Choices
2017-12-01 Self Consumed
2017-11-29 Blocks to Freedom
2017-11-29 Celebrate Life
2017-11-28 Limits of Thinking
2017-11-26 Taken By Surprise
2017-11-26 The Same Space
2017-11-24 Music of the Heart
2017-11-23 Providing Light
2017-11-23 Natural Gratitude
2017-11-21 Love You Are Given
2017-11-20 A Heart View
2017-11-20 The Labeling Process
2017-11-19 The Difference to Love
2017-11-18 A Never Ending Void
2017-11-16 Just Be
2017-11-15 Sending out an SOS
2017-11-15 Life Simply Is
2017-11-14 The Beauty of Life
2017-11-13 The Beauty of Life
2017-11-13 Being Prepared
2017-11-13 Being Prepared
2017-11-12 Sharing Heart Experiences
2017-11-12 Sharing Heart Experiences
2017-11-11 One Week Today
2017-11-11 One Week Today
2017-11-10 Childlike Innocence
2017-11-09 Childlike Innocence 
2017-11-09 Be Easy on Yourself
2017-11-09 Be Easy on Yourself 
2017-11-08 What a Gift!
2017-11-08 A Logical Life
2017-11-08 A Logical Life 
2017-11-07 What a Gift!
2017-11-06 Repeated Mind Patterns
2017-11-06 Repeated Mind Patterns 
2017-11-05 Alignment With Now
2017-11-05 Alignment With Now 
2017-11-04 Stuck in Depression
2017-11-03 Stuck in Depression 
2017-11-03 Self Created Suffering
2017-11-03 Self Created Suffering 
2017-11-02 Tools of Love
2017-11-02 Tools of Love
2017-11-01 Carry Only a Message
2017-10-31 Carry Only a Message 
2017-10-31 Two Versions of Self
2017-10-31 Two Versions of Self 
2017-10-30 Choosing Peace
2017-10-29 Choosing Peace 
2017-10-29 Created Mental Fabrications
2017-10-28 Created Mental Fabrications
2017-10-28 Conflict With Oneself
2017-10-27 Conflict With Oneself 
2017-10-27 I Attachment
2017-10-26 I Attachment 
2017-10-26 Peace: A Showcase to Love
2017-10-25 Peace: A Showcase to Love 
2017-10-25 Thought Filters
2017-10-24 Thought Filters
2017-10-24 Delusional Feelings and Emotions
2017-10-23 Delusional Feelings and Emotions 
2017-10-23 Truth is Love
2017-10-22 Truth is Love 
2017-10-22 Selfishness Only Harms
2017-10-21 Selfishness Only Harms 
2017-10-21 Attachment to Form
2017-10-21 Attachment to Form 
2017-10-20 Deep Stillness
2017-10-20 Deep Stillness 
2017-10-19 Inner Discontent
2017-10-19 Inner Discontent 
2017-10-18 Temporary Fix
2017-10-18 Temporary Fix 
2017-10-17 What's Liked Bondage
2017-10-16 What’s Liked Bondage
2017-10-16 Life: A Silent Phenomenon
2017-10-15 Loving Energy Heals
2017-10-14 Conceptual Living
2017-10-13 Form or Freedom
2017-10-12 False Self Addiction
2017-10-11 Addicted to Needing
2017-10-10 Present Moment Distractions
2017-10-09 Mask of Addiction
2017-10-08 Truth is Love
2017-10-07 Perfect Imperfections
2017-10-06 Only One Truth
2017-10-05 Taking on God's Role
2017-10-04 Simply Love
2017-10-04 Judging Energy
2017-10-02 Thought Created Suffering