Marissa's Nightmare

Marissa Romano slowly started waking up, and she was very confused. She didn't know what had happened to her. All she knew was that she was sitting in her car; she was in terrible pain and bleeding all over. She looked up and saw that the front windshield was shattered, and there was glass all over the car seats and floorboard. She realized her head must have hit the front windshield. She looked into the rearview mirror and was horrified by what she saw. Large shards of broken glass were embedded in her face and head! Blood was dripping down from her eyes! She must have covered her face with her hands when she had the wreck because there were huge splinters of glass in her hands too. Her hands were also bleeding from all of the cuts on them. The last thing she remembered was getting into her car after stopping to get gas along a deserted country road in the woods. She had missed her exit on the highway and ended up on a country road in the middle of nowhere. She had looked down and noticed that she was low on fuel. After driving for miles and miles, she had finally stopped when she saw a gas station ahead. She remembered she was on her way to meet some of her friends for the weekend at Lake Sardis in the mountains of southeastern Oklahoma. Everything after that was still a complete blank. She didn't even know her name or who she was!

Marissa Romano woke up to a frightening scene of horror. She discovered she had driven off the side of a mountain cliff in her car. She looked down and saw that she was covered in blood. Her head had hit the windshield, and she had glass shards embedded in her head, face and hands. She felt lightheaded and was still losing blood from all of her injuries. She had no memory of driving on the highway or how the accident even happened. It wasn't long before her memory slowly started coming back to her in bits and pieces. Marissa's nightmare began the moment she started remembering the shocking details of her past. This thrilling tale of murder and mystery will keep you on the edge of your seat with suspense.
LaVonna Moore is a native Oklahoman born in 1960 at the Ft. Sill Army Hospital in Lawton, Oklahoma. With her father being in the military, she was able to do a lot of traveling as a child.