Lafayette Howard Interview

Goals Upon release: Besides becoming a successful Author I want to utilize my platform to give back to my community by invoking myself into non-profit organization which caters to victims impact. Those are the people who have been affected by crime directly. They need to know men such as myself exist, men who are not waiting upon their release to do something positive. No, it starts now...
Coming to a fork in the road is what inspired me. At that time I basically became a walking dead man. Prison had hardened me. This ornery environment suffocates dreams and kills all hope. I sat in my cell one day wanting more, needing more. I just didn't know how. But the next question will manifest the conclusion to this one.
It took time. Too much I'd say. (lol) So bare with me as I express my journey. In 2009, I was placed in what the Federal Penitentiary call SMU (Special Management Unit). You are housed in a single cell for 23 hrs a day. I'd been housed there for 3 years. According to admin, I "didn't play well with others." One day I was placed in my recreation cage. In the cage next to mines was the boys from DC. We were not allowed to rec together because of the fear of violence breaking out between the different groups for I was from the South (Memphis). Me and this other cat from DC enjoyed the same workout, so we decided to do so together. Little did I know this guy was the author of the "Ultimate Sacrifice" series (Bucky Fields). After finishing a workout in the height of summer in Louisiana (hot as hell) I picked my shirt off the ground forgetting an 8 inch shank was inside, as it clanged to the pavement, Bucky laugh and proclaimed he use to be just like me. I didn't believe it coming from this positive talking cat. Eventually, he started me to writing. Gradually I became to love it and a change started to occur. I no longer wanted to rec nor hang out with the "homies." Finishing my book was the only thing I could think about. The C.O.'s began to notice the change. I no longer woke in the morning looking to cause mischief. The book had given me a reason for living, a purpose. I no longer thought about how I'd die more so than how I'd live. Give a man a reason for living and he can stand almost any why's. I have not been in trouble since and now dwell in a lower security prison. "Da Bluff City" isn't simply a book to me, it saved my life.
Honestly, I free-styled that joint and learned the rules as I went along. I used an outline however for book 2 of this trilogy.
My family thought I was just going through a phase. Bucky stayed in my eye till we parted ways. He called me a diamond in the rough who's edges only needed to smooth out.
The most difficult part writing my book, let me see, I'd have to say creating the characteristics of each character and bringing them to life. I wanted a diversity in which multiple people could relate to in some shape, form or fashion. I'll let you judge if I pulled it off or not.
It has become therapeutic for me. I no longer sit around watching rap videos and playing domino's. My days are consumed with being productive and pushing my friends to do the same. Time for us to grow up and be responsible. We all have families out here who need us to be as such and to cease being a burden.
I don't know about changed but I danced in the cell where no one could see me (I've got a image to up hold)! Excitement yes, changed no. Change is apart of my daily progression book or not now.
To date my award is the 12 five star reviews I have accumulated on Amazon for the brief time I have been published. The opinion of the readers is validation that I have a place in this profession.
Yes, Part 2 as well as a suspense novel.
Yes, I will be released in the coming months so book signings, promo tours, and contests are all on my to do list. I'm currently looking into holding a contest on FB where I will randomly select 3 winners from a set amount of verified book purchases for "Da Bluff City"l will win a 50.00 gift certificate from the store of their choice. So, you have to be in it to win it!
Nothing besides lazy ass cellmates!!!
Experiencing life teaches one that criticism is just as much a part of life as the air we breath.You can't have one without the other. Therefore, doubters, haters or whatever you choose to call them should ALWAYS be motivating factors in doing something conducive.
FAVORITE...seeing my mom's face when she got her first house and us out of the projects. WORSE...the death of my grandmother.
"Just because a man comes from a bad place doesn't mean he can't find his way to the good"...(my own)
Any sports game
Tie between 300 & Troy
"Blood In My Eyes" by:George Jackson
Pac! Who wouldn't want to meet Pac or Halle will do.
Not really.I'm good.You are who you are for a reason.
I wake up everyday in here and do more for others than I do for myself. (have to deserve it or be a good dude) I have taken so much in my days that this is my way of balancing out my sins. Doing for others makes me happy now-a-days. Effecting peoples lives directly or indirectly in a negative way takes a toll on you after a while. You get to a point you want to give back.