It's Monday Only in Your Mind

The mind cannot look inward to find an answer that is why it is constantly looking outside. Your true sense of well being can only come to you when your mind is quiet. If you do a good job at work, is that everything that defines you? What happens when you make a mistake, then who are you? Your sense of purpose isn’t derived from anything that you do. It is derived from the stillness that only comes when you learn to quiet the mind. Our I Self needs a purpose for existence. The true self does not because it exists whether you have a created mind purpose or not. A created purpose is a created illusion.

It is through sheer ignorance that we do the things that cause us to suffer. Who would choose to suffer? But if you don’t know there is a choice, then there isn’t a choice and you suffer in ignorance. I’m not talking major issues here. Suffering is very subtle. How about just not wanting to get up in the morning? Or complaining because it’s snowing outside and you have to shovel it. Or talking politics? Or working out six or seven days a week because you think if you look good and enough people tell you, you look good then you must be doing good. This is all part of the delusion created to make you will think you are OK. What would happen if you got hurt, would you still be doing ok or has what occurred caused you to suffer because you can’t workout anymore? The suffering is caused by wanting things to be different then what they are.

Although at one point in my life I was addicted to alcohol and drugs they were just two of things I reached for to quiet an inner lack that was never understood, until now. My book isn’t about recovering from any particular substance, it’s about discovering truth. Truth about myself that has led to a freedom from the need to reach for anything. I've learned as human beings we are really in conflict with ourselves and don’t understand where this conflict originates from. We also lack an understanding that it's our own mind which has been conditioned to constantly think about our self that makes one look for our answers out there somewhere: this is the cause of all our problems. It’s a mind that was leading me around as if I was a puppet on a string. I have found through self investigation a practical way to the freedom from the bondage of self that anyone can learn. There is a website for It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thought, along with a short u-tube video, explaining the core content of my book. There is also a Facebook page link on the website. Please take a serious look at this; to see the possibility of how reading this book would be a benefit to you as well as to others. My aspiration for writing this is to possibly assist others in finding truth so the strings of bondage can be cut and one can be allowed the necessary energy to awaken to their higher self. The lack of this understanding is the dilemma that is at the core of our precious human race. One day if you really want to understand life and know why there is conflict within, it will need to be learned how to let go. Let go of what? The I Self; one's ego. My book describes a step by step process on how to do this. This is not a magical solution, but one of practicality. If you ever want to be truly free, you will have to realize that you are going to have to let go of the limited world you have created in your head, hopefully it will not be when you are on your death bed. Think about it, learn to let go now while there is still time to really enjoy life, or let go when there is no time left. This is up to you. Well, not really because right now you don't have that choice. Please take this serious. Really look within to see what you are holding onto and why. Find out what it is that’s not allowing you to live your life to the fullest, the way it was intended.
I grew up in Newark, NJ and was one of six children. I have been married for twenty four years. I own a home and I have two children. I have been at the same job for twenty seven years. I am the happiest I have ever been and it is all because of the Love that has always been in my life. I attribute all that has happened to me to that Love. None of what has transpired in the last five years of my life has anything to do with any accomplishments on my part.

The title of the book is clever in itself: It's Monday Only in Your Mind. The power that just the title has alone is enough to make someone want to read this book. For instance, I was telling my roommate about it and soon whenever we saw people frazzled or upset we would relate it to Micheal's teachings: "It's only a bad grade/relationship/mistake in their mind!"

Michael Cupo's message is powerful. He writes openly about how conditioned mind patterns controlled his life for years, and without imposing his views on you, shows how you too are a slave to your own conditioning.

I was sitting in class (I am in college) and my professor was speaking of St. Thomas Aquinas and his teachings. St. Thomas Aquinas's has the view that the world and its people will never be able to achieve peace because their minds are too wild and filled with noise. It is only until after death that the mind can truly become "quiet."

While Thomas Aquinas may have said it first, Michael Cupo says it differently: he says it from the voice of a regular Joe (or regular "Mike" if you will). He delivers an easy to follow, step by step guide on how to be free of your conditioned mind patterns and finally quiet your mind. I guess St. Thomas Aquinas was wrong - you don't have to wait until death for your mind to finally become quiet. Thank you Michael for letting the light and truth shine!