Fear Inducer

He hit it again and again. Each time he made contact, Ethan’s ears wished he could drown out the chilling, blood-curdling, cringing sound of each bone breaking, like snapping chicken legs with pliers, echoing in the pit. The cobra’s face was pulverized. Its blood spurted like a fountain, hitting Ethan in the chest and neck. The flesh on the cobra’s face had split, exposing its smashed in skull. The mouth had separated from its jaw. Its two fangs just dangled outward, bent at an awkward angle.


They believed their phobias were just nightmares... They believed Dr Felix Bloom would cure them. They were...SO WRONG!
Ellie Douglas is addicted to horror, everything about it she loves. She enjoys creating strong characters that rise to the top from ordinary lives. Her love affair with horror has seen her produce three award winning horror books. Born and raised in New Zealand, a mother and wife who donates what spare time she has into volunteer work with Autistic children.

I think one of the things I admire most about horror authors is how creative their violence can be. I was impressed with the gore in Hounded, another Ellie Douglas novel. So I was interested in seeing what else she has in her arsenal. I couldn't help but like Dr. Felix Bloom, the intellectually brilliant and strangely charming villain in Fear Inducer.

Felix is a sadistic psychiatrist who helps his patients overcome their phobias with a special ‘pill.’ Of course, everyone jumps at the chance to be free of their debilitating fears, especially with such a quick fix. What they don’t know is that Felix’s treatment will actually heighten their phobias, while he observes their terror with pleasure.

Felix goes through a lot of victims in the book, too. It’s actually a comprehensive overview of real phobias, which turns Fear Inducer from a plain horror into a kind of psychological thriller. It's a creepy exploration of not only our fears -- but our vain hopes to be free of them.