Divine Help

The young, soon-to-be mother finished her tea and went inside to get ready for the day. She entered the kitchen, put her cup in the sink, and headed upstairs to take a shower. She walked into the bathroom, started the water for her shower, before returning to her bedroom to take off her necklace. As she stepped in her bedroom, she paused for a moment to look around her room, as a strange feeling came over her. She slowly scanned in the direction of her dresser, then along the wall till she reached her king size bed. A small smile reached her lips as some memories of all the love and passion came back to her. She dismissed the feeling as hormones and went over to her dresser, where her jewelry box sat and started to undo her necklace. A man burst out of the closet, grabbed her, and threw her down on the bed, pointing his gun at her head.
A paralyzing fear that she had never experienced before rose up inside Rachel. She tried not to show the fear that she felt as she looked up at the person in the room. “Who are ye? What d’ ye want?”
While the vicious pistol whipping, brutal sexual assault, and final bullet through her skull, Rachel stared up at him with ultimate terror that fueled the already existing evil swarming through, the Fist’s body. He stared into the woman’s once beautiful green eyes that once held so much life. His mouth formed into a grin. Yes, he certainly had fulfilled the Butcher’s request in making this job personal.
He smiled. “The Butcher would be extremely pleased at just how ‘-personal-’ I made it for this detective, but I hope this doesn’t come back to bite The Butcher in the end.”
The Fist shot Rachel a few more times, smiling as her blood drained from her lifeless body. He paused as a thought entered his head that he really should make this look like a random robbery gone bad. He took all the valuables and ransacked the whole house, hoping that would do the trick. He turned toward the front door as his smile started along with the high from killing the woman. He headed back to his SUV, and sent a text message to the guard that gave him the profile. “The job is done. And I made it extremely personal.” He got in, and drove away.

It comes as no surprise that Jacob is quite happy with the current state of his life. Aside from the fact that Jacob’s girlfriend, Rachel, is pregnant with Isaac, his unborn son, the detective is extremely close to foiling the most recent assassination order by The Butcher. No form of authority has been able to stop the notorious crime lord until Jacob comes along. Sadly, The Butcher soon reaffirms his power by ordering Rachel’s murder. What the crime lord does not know is he might very well have met his match in the form of the couple. Jacob moved to Avalon City and then marries a small town beauty Megan. After the murder of his girlfriend. He, however, is unable to escape from The Butcher. Murders similar to Rachel’s murder start being reported in the city. But, this time around, Jacob will receive the help that might just guide him to finally take down the crime lord and his cohorts. Thus, Jacob’s amazing quest begins, which will conclude in a way that he never could have imagined.
Kerry was the first one who got into writing and he asked me, Kevin, to help him with a part in his book and then I was hooked as well. One weekend a month we get together and have what we refer to as "writers weekend" and we spend the whole weekend writing on our books. Our wives find it boring but we look forward to it every month. We also enjoy helping each other when we get "Writer's Block."

I could not put down this book. From the first page to the very last sentence, my emotions were taken on a thrill ride. If you like mystery, suspense,action, love, forgiveness, justice and just plain enjoyment than this book will fulfill all you need. The main characters grab a place in your heart and you are transported as if your right there when everything happens. I walked away from this book with suck eager anticipation that I am literally going stir crazy to see what happens next. You want a great journey, you better take this one, you wont regret it. To the author I would say this: Well Done, Well Done. Now write some more asap! As soon as this comes available for kindle, I gonna get it cause i will read this over and over through the years.

From the very beginning, this book had me captivated. The author kept me intrigued wondering what would happen next. Just when I thought I could put the book down for a break, 10 more pages were read and I still hadn't the heart to take the break. The emotions from the characters are real and you can feel them as they feel them and I ended the last page of the book demanding there be more. You will like this book a lot and you will read it many times through the years to come. I will get more books from the author Kerry Fowers. He will not disappoint you I promise.