GOP: The Bastion of Piety

Ronald E. Yates is an author of award-winning historical fiction and action/adventure novels, including the popular and highly-acclaimed Finding Billy Battles trilogy.

The following article appeared in the American Thinker Oct. 13. Given that Wednesday is the last debate of the 2016 Presidential election and given that Donald Trump is experiencing unparalleled smearing directed by the Clinton Machine, I think we can safely say Donald Trump is toast. The article below appeared BEFORE at least ten women (one of whom is now 74) came forward last week to tell the media that as far back as 20 and 30 years ago Trump groped them and made unwanted advances. Add that to the “hot mic” incident of 11 years ago, and things look pretty bleak.

Even if Trump prevails in Wednesday’ debate (which I doubt) Hillary is going to spend most the evening bludgeoning him with her pseudo-pious gavel of loathing for his alleged “war on women.” Then, with barely three weeks left before the polls open, the Clinton Mafia will spread more manure designed to bury Trump once and for all in the rising rubbish heap of failed GOP presidential candidates. And, while all of this is going on, Republicans like Mitt Romney, the Bushes, McCain, and other establishment GOP figures will continue in their masochistic quest to make sure Hillary Clinton is elected.

Way to go Republicans. You deserve what you’re going to get: at least a 4-year extension of the Obama reign (and possibly eight, if the old crone endures that long), as well as a Supreme Court, packed with judicial activists and anti-Constitution deconstructionists, as well as the further decline of a once-great nation that leads insipidly from behind rather than from strength. God help us.


By Charles E. Moore

The American Thinker

Trump’s 2005 hot mic scandal is an example of why the GOP always loses to Democrats. This is a perfect illustration of how the GOP