When Glints Collide - An Anthology by Fluky Fiction

Nicholas Adams grew up in the small, rural town of Boring, OR with his six brothers and sisters. After graduating from High School in Gresham, OR he attended BYU-ID and received his Associates Degree in Pre-Med.chitects (AIA).

When Glints Collide takes a group of unknown to lesser-known writers (myself included) and combines their talents into an eclectic anthology of Sci-Fi, Horror, Paranormal and mysteries.

I enjoyed many, but not all of the stories. I found myself pulled into several, and awkwardly watching from the outside on others. Not every story will please everyone, but I'm confident some stories will grab your attention.

What I liked:

The opportunity to get printed beside some new talent in the world of writers

What I didn't like:

The story lengths varied considerably in both how long they were and how long they should have been. That is both a positive or a negative. I'll let you decide

Overall, I gave the anthology four stars, though if I were to rate each story individually, there would be a range of one to five stars based on personal taste and not the writers' skill.

I would gladly submit another short story to a Fluky Fiction Anthology in the future, and I wish all my fellow contributors all the best in their writing endeavors.