Obligated to Love

I grew up in Newark, NJ and was one of six children. I have been married for twenty four years. I own a home and I have two children. I have been at the same job for twenty seven years. I am the happiest I have ever been and it is all because of the Love that has always been in my life. I attribute all that has happened to me to that Love. None of what has transpired in the last five years of my life has anything to do with any accomplishments on my part.

Love is what will change the world so cultivate love until it’s at the core of how your life is viewed. When this is done you can become the change this world so desperately needs.

Not allowing outside circumstances to pull me in is one of if not the most important lesson I’ve learned in the last ten years. Prior to ten years ago most things that happened controlled me, some more than others, but the controlling aspect in some way always seemed to be there. Becoming aware of how much control the outside circumstances have over you is somewhat of a miracle as most people will never be aware of this; life will be blindly lived as to what is truly going on.

Its so easy to feel connected to life when things are going the way that you want, but how connected feel when things aren’t going your way is a true indication of how connected you really are. Our connection to life should never be different regardless of what the circumstances are, but because of our Conditioned Mind the tendency is to think we’re more connected when things are going the way that we want. Our connection shouldn’t be contingent on life’s circumstances because this will make life an emotional roller coaster. To be controlled by the circumstances of life is to controlled by our conditioning as if we were puppets on a string. It’s only this way because it’s what is unconsciously put into place. If we were conditioned differently our reactions to circumstances would be different, not better, just different. If this is to change love has to be our core. If love isn’t our core, our reactions to circumstances will be hard pressed to be of love. There is a certain responsibility with this