Humanly Hooked

I grew up in Newark, NJ and was one of six children. I have been married for twenty four years. I own a home and I have two children. I have been at the same job for twenty seven years. I am the happiest I have ever been and it is all because of the Love that has always been in my life. I attribute all that has happened to me to that Love. None of what has transpired in the last five years of my life has anything to do with any accomplishments on my part.

The understanding of the flesh won’t stop the world’s hooks from grabbing you, but it just may at times stop you from taking the bait which allows the control of the flesh to dissipate somewhat.

There are many hooks that are based in the flesh and they’re constantly being thrown out to grab you; and they will grab you as long as you are in this human form. How deep one gets hooked depends on their conditioning. Even with knowing what I know about the Conditioned Mind there is still the lure of the flesh that catches me at times. Fortunately the hammer was put away a long time ago that was used to beat myself up over doing something that my own mind told me to do; this is just being written as the awareness aware of awareness. If you think you’re going to get to a state of being where the flesh is totally transcended that’s the wishful thinking of the flesh and it becomes your bondage. If you do get there wherever there is, please share it with me, but I won’t hold my breath.

Human form should be embraced as it is, not as it’s wanted. This is not an excuse to just go around succumbing to selfish energy whenever a desire arises, but to awaken to the awareness that this is even happening is a miracle in itself. It seems sex and food are two things that have deeply engrained conditioning associated with them and it’s why there are so many diets out there and both diets and porn are billion dollar industries. Diets and sex sell because it hits most humans at the flesh level. Food and sex are not to be loathed because few will have the ability not to be controlled by