Dark Charity (United Earth Charity Book 1)  by J.L. Higgs

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​Multi-volume author, J.L. Higgs, introduces us to Dark Charity:
Virginia McBride is a young socialite who is thrown into a world of murder and corruption. She needs to find out who is wanting her family dead while keeping herself alive and free from an arranged marriage. She uses humour to keep from sinking into depression and getting sucked into a world of darkness. The Spider Web, an international child abduction network, has other ideas. It wants to stop her at all costs before she can take control of the United Earth Charity - a charity with a knack for getting rid of obstacles by the roots and is the only ones that can stop them. It is a race against time and survival, wrapped up in a cloak of good will.
I loved this book and this cover too. I love the cover for its simplicity and clarity, black and white is rather striking in a world of color. Looking down what appears to be an oddly shaped gun barrel is memorable, however the true meaning becomes clear in the story, it is a spider web.
I really enjoyed the depth of characters provided by the first person POV. Starting with the main antagonist, we get a good sense of his insanity. The writing is engaging, scenes are well set. The plethora of secondary characters fill the story out quite well. I found the world built by J.L. Higgs to be interesting.
The enjoyment factor is high. Dark Charity gets 4.9 stars! More good news, a sequel is in progress, “Escape From Darkness”! I can hardly wait!