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Leonard Earl Johnson writes a monthly column and web site at LEJ's LOUISIANA / YOURS TRULY IN A SWAMP. His pity comments deal with life in New Orleans and America in its ~ and his ~ declining years.LEJ taught creative writing at the Acadiana Centre for the Arts in Lafayette,Louisiana, the first year following Hurricane Katrina. Some years before Katrina he taught photography at Orleans Parish Prison (OPP) in a group project funded by the New Orleans Percent For Art Project. With other New Orleans writers and visual artist this group, under the direction of conceptual artist Dawn DeDeaux created

LEJ's Louisiana, Yours Truly in a Swamp
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of Lafayette and New Orleans, Louisiana
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February 2018

LEJ's Mardi Gras Glossary

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BY  Leonard Earl Johnson

© 2018, Leonard Earl Johnson, All Rights Reserved

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The Saints suffer a stunning Hail Mary loss to the Minnesota Vikings.  
New Orleans master cartoonist Walt Handelsman puts it in perspective!
~ Compliments of Walt Handelsman and The Advocate newspapers ~
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 "Carnival is coming / The Swamp is getting fat / Please put some beads in an old man's hat / Haven't any beads, then a half-crown will do / Haven't got a half-crown, Bacchus bless you." ~ LEJ.org http://www.LEJ.org


LEJ.org, dressed to ride,
 at Parc Sans Souci, Lafayette
 photo credit   Frank Parsley

LEJ.org in New Orleans with Mardi Gras Maidens  /  photo: Anson Trahan  
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Terms used by everyone from Rex to thee.
 Follow as you read and become one with the 
Greatest Free Show on Earth,
Carnival in Louisiana!

Janis Turk  and  Karissa Kary                                         photo Janis Turk
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Many Yankee traders will awaken at home the week after Mardi Gras, with moss-stuffed voodoo dolls staring at them bewilderingly from atop their desks and computers.

They danced with our musicians, dined with our chefs, envisioned Life's offing with thoughts from our artists, captains, and dockside philosophers.  Then they danced off home with our rhythms and slang bouncing in their ears, and a peptic re-flux marching in their tummies.
Wshow them our "dis and dats," and they fill our hotels.