Yellowstone Protocol Now available in print

I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read

Yellowstone protocol is now available in print (
The story follows both Layla as she desperately tries to stay hidden from her pursuers while Miranda Lebens leads a scientific research team comprised of both humans and mythical creatures in designing a cure.

In the snippet below, having been discovered by her neighbor, Christian, to be a vampire, Layla (under the fake-name of Kelly) agrees to go meet with his UFO/conspiracy group and explain vampyrism to them in exchange for a sum of money and their silence. This picks up as she is leaving to go to their group meeting in a secluded cabin in the woods:

Kelly pensively held still while Christian tied the black bandana around her eyes. “Is this really necessary?” she asked. Christian nodded at first and then realized she couldn’t see him. He said “Absolutely.” Kelly sighed and said “Remind me again why I’m doing this.” Christian replied “lots of money.” Kelly perked up a little “oh, yeah, money.”

Christian said “Ok, now, get in the car.” Kelly held out her hands blindly and said “You got to guide me.” Christian opened the car door and guided her to it. She started to slide in, but banged her head harsh on the frame. “OW!” shouted Kelly as she fell in grumbling her way into the seat.

Christian went around and slid in the driver’s side. “That hurt?” Kelly rubbed her head and replied “Yeah.” Christian said “But, you’re a vampire.” Kelly said “Strong doesn’t mean immune to pain.” Kelly sighed as she thought back to the early days of her hiding. “You know, I actually tried to file my teeth down, early on, so no one could see what I was.” Christian said “Oh, I know this one. It’s like the little girl