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I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read
Yellowstone Protocol ( is available as a free download March 9 - 13th.

Sequel to "The Legend of Layla" 
Layla's mysterious vampire-like disease turns out to be an ancient Fairy-made biological weapon. It has been released by separatists and now threatens not only the delicate balance of the treaty between magical beings and humans, but also mankind itself. A desperate race to find a way to cure the disease before it falls into the wrong hands breaks out and the stakes couldn't be higher.

In the snippet below, biochemist Miranda Leben has just been hired by the CDC to head up the efforts for finding a cure to vampyrism before the plague spreads. She has shown up to her first day on the job to find her parking space miles away in the Georgia heat. After trudging through it, she is desperately trying to find confidence to march in to her new job:

--Miranda Leben's First Day on the Job--
Miranda closed her eyes and tried to pep-talk herself once more. Every statement she tried, every image she conjured failed. She stood there too terrified to move. Finally, she stumbled on an image that worked. One, singular, image exploded in her mind.


Angel always looked like crap. She dressed like a man, ate like a farmer, and killed like a sociopath.  But Angel had once thing Miranda yearned for in that moment… confidence.

Miranda had heard about Angel from Layla and only met Angel once, but Angel’s pure confidence bled right through everything she did just like the blood of her enemies bled through their clothes from large-caliber bullet wounds after she was done with them. Even when she was wearing nothing but an ugly over-sized hoodie and firing some stolen South-African gun, Angel oozed confidence from every pore