Yellowstone Chronicles now live

I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read

My latest novel, Yellowstone Chronicles, is now live on Amazon both in e-book and paperback. See it here

Jeremy Metis, a typical high school slacker, comes face-to-face with a new reality when a car that appears in his yard, with keys in the ignition and pinks in his name, suddenly comes to life and attacks him. He is rescued by the mysterious Federal Agent Danann, but soon learns that he may need to fear her too, due to his involvement in some unknown crime from her past. Jeremy struggles to discover more about the history of the powerful Fairy Kingdom, and his role in it, before he becomes a murderous fairy's next victim. Yellowstone Chronicles spans from second century Britannia to nineteen-nineties Indiana in a gripping epic of a thriller. Other books in the series include "Yellowstone Protocol: A Pandemic of One" and "The Legend of Layla."
"Bridgette shook her head and said “He doesn’t like motorcycles.” Bridgette’s hand dipped surreptitiously towards her back pocket and she continued “And he doesn’t like horses. He really doesn’t like horses and neither do I.” Sophie pursed her lips and asked “Why horses?” Bridgette didn’t answer. She just continued “Tell me, Sophie, what do you think of Kelpies? Total bull, right? I mean, shape-shifting horses that drag people into water? Get real, right?” Sophie swallowed hard and said “Yeah, of course.”
Bridgette replied “Yeah, I mean, it would be totally weird for one to transform into a 1960’s Black Ford Mustang and try the same dumb trick in nineteen ninety-eight as it probably pulled back in thirteen ninety-eight. I mean, seriously, they would have to modernize their game.” Sophie shrugged and said “Well I would think incorporating the car to be a pretty nifty adaptation. Besides, Kelpies have more