Tracking all books?

I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read
Jeesh, how many books is this guy going to write?

I don't know how many, I'm going to write until it stops being fun. Typically, whenever I sit down to put together a short-story, I end up with a trilogy of novels. For a quick synopsis, in order, of everything written so far, check this out:

Blakguard series
Mackenzie: An Assassin's Tale
My very first book ever. Portions of this one (especially hospital and Christmas eve massacre sequence) were written strictly as psychological therapy for myself. I think it actually shows within these especailly dark portions. The cover picture for this and 'Sarah and Legion' are the only pictures I purchased for use in these books. Rest are all either public domain shots or pictures I've taken.

Sarah and Legion: An Armageddon Tale
Written, edited, and published all within three weeks during Christmas Break of 2014. This was, by no means, an act of laziness. It was an act of addiction, I literally could not stop writing this story. It ties together the story of Mackenzie with the two short-stories included in the original book and revolves around my favorite character ever created Sarah Vierga (A.K.A. "God's Girlfriend"). Fun-Fact: The marijuanna grow-op in Sante Fe is based off an actual grow-op shut down by the police in 2013. 

Tweak: A Hacker's Tale
Tweak, Shelley's hacker who falls for Mackenzie, is nothing but a minor side-character in the original storyline but such a fascinating one that she got her own book. This one also delves into the history of blakguard and Shelley's tendency to blur the line between hostage and employee. This book really turned out to be epic in scope because I knew it was going to be the last of the Blakguard series. The picture on