The Yellowstone Treaty

I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read

One of the story arcs which has been steadily growing through my recent book series is the concept of the "Yellowstone Treaty." The premise behind this treaty is that 1) Woodland fairies exist, 2) they are not cute, 3) they protect nature, therefore... 4) they hate humans. This Treaty, introduced in "The Legend of Layla" ( and featured prominently in "Yellowstone Protocol: A Pandemic of One" (, is a fictional arrangement struck between the US federal government and the North American Fairy nation shortly after the American-Fairy war, a shadow war that coincided with the US civil war in which fairies took advantage of the chaos to start killing people from both North and South.  

Despite being completely fictional, a few real-world historical instances actually seem to hint at this treaty. This includes the mysterious 'Angels Glow' wounds at the battle of Shiloh, the extreme difference in numbers of civil-war soldiers recorded as being killed in combat and actual deaths, and the fact that the most seemingly trivial bill to ever be considered by congress, the one to form YellowStone National Park, was passed, ratified, and signed within less than 90 days.  
This treaty lies central in the upcoming novel, Yellowstone Chronicles.  Keep your eyes peeled because this one is coming soon...