The Legend of Layla Free until April 26th

I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read

The Legend of Layla ( Free to download until April 26th

When I first started writing, I made a few promises to myself. I promised I would never write a vampire book, a post-apocalyptic series, or any other book simply written because it is in a 'pop-genre.' Eventually, I've broken the first two promises but in a satisfyingly unique way. The Legend of Layla is my first (and only) vampire book. As I look across all vampire novels, the vampire in them (good or bad) has three major features in common 1) They are typically rich (I guess if you drink someone's blood you might as well rob them), 2) they are extremely old (save for a few exclusions of 'new' vampires), and 3) they are emotionless or depressingly mopey.

I decided to step away from all of these as they represent the 'tried-and-true' and 'predictable' tropes for vampires that I yearn to avoid. I was thinking about how to create a unique vampire story-line one night when I saw her in a dream...

Layla... the penniless, drug-dealing vampire prostitute that desperately wants to eat street-truck tacos.


I said 'original' not 'dignified.'

Yes, indeed, I set about creating the most clumsy, pathetic, and almost adorable vampire anyone could have. This was done by bestowing the 'dark gift' on a woman with so low of self-esteem that she considers vampyrism as little more than an STD. She doesn't even try to fight back against her aggressors, despite having super-strength. With this character in play, what you need is a great villain and when the vampire is the tragic hero it's only fitting that humans be the villain. Originally, it was slated for Mackenzie Ganove (of The Blakguard Series) to come to Layla's rescue but that came to a