Soul-Eater free download until April 26th

I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read
Soul-Eater ( free download until April 26th.
Soul-Eater is one of the first books I wrote 'cold.' The elemental story-lines of the 'Blakguard' series and 'Daniel and Kate' series had been percolating in my mind for over a decade. Both of them started during my internship at Carrier down in Indianapolis (where I was nicknamed 'Cinderella' because, as low-man on totem pole, I ended up doing a lot of cleaning) as I had a lot of time to think. When I had finished writing those stories, I didn't really have any other stories 'spooled up' in my  mind. I loved writing, however, and so I felt determined to find some.
Originally, I had planned to write a story about a secretary who meets a mysterious man one night who gives her the power to absorb other people's souls. As the tale proceeds, she is approached by people who want their souls absorbed by her (e.g. terminally ill people who would rather spend more time on earth in a secretary's body than face going to heaven or hell). This iterates several times in, one manifestation or another, until she becomes lost in the voices occupying her head and begins lose control of her own body to the souls of people she has absorbed.  Eventually, she finds out that the Soul-Eater gift she was given was in fact a curse to turn her into a multi-soul-ed monster where she becomes a 'body ruled by democracy' and is unable to stop the other souls inside her from taking over.
This original concept for 'Soul-Eater' is not in the final book at all. 
I decided it was about time to have a strong, male character, since I had focused so heavily on female characters. That minor attribute change