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I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read

Soul-Eater 99-cent sale continues.

Chapter snippet: A Dark Night
"He reached up and touched his face and pulled the water away. It felt sticky and warm, not like normal water. A sliver of moonlight shone in from the door as it lay ajar. Soapy furrowed his brow. He thought he closed that door. He reached his hand out to the moonlight as it cut across the floor and he looked. The water in his hand was dark red. Then the horrible truth hit Soapy.
It was blood.
Soapy had been lying in his sleeping bag curled up against the wall. Soapy spun around and looked directly above him. Monique stared back at him. Her dead eyes were frozen wide open in terror and pain. Her body had been pinned to the wall above him and blood trickled down her neck, down her face and off the top of her head to splatter drops down onto the face of her beloved Soapy. Soapy screamed and thrashed his way out of his sleeping bag."