Son's spelling test

I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read
Since having starting writing fiction, I've found it to be surprisingly useful from time to time. My son has weekly spelling tests for which he has to have a series of words memorized. In an effort to help him, last week, I put together a little story for him about two kids with ninja costumes that gave them special powers. The words in bold are his spelling words. He ended up getting a 100% on the test so this may be a thing from here on. You can see my novels writings here (

The Halloween Ninja Secret

“There don’t seemto be many other ninja’s here.” Daniel asked Calvin nervously as they looked out across the dimly lit streets. Calvin squinted out from his black-mask costume and replied “I don’t see any other ninjas at all.” It was Saturday night, the end of the weekand Halloween night itself. Both Daniel and Calvin had gotten the ideato dress up as ninja’s for Halloween from watching a video titled “The Ninja Warrior: Search for the Destiny Blade.” They felt lucky to have found costumes at the store. Daniel dressed in the red ninja costume while Calvin dressed in the black ninja costume. They were the last two ninja costumes left, lying deep in the back of the store. They had searched every other store in the city, and even some outside of the city, but these were the only costumes to be found in any store. It seemed strange that the costumes didn’t have any price tags or packaging around them but Daniel and Calvin bought them just the same.

As he wore his costume, Daniel felt a strange warming in his muscles. It felt like he was stronger and faster than before. They walked along the sidewalk