Print version of "Daniel and Kate" publishing now

I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read

The classic "Daniel and Kate: A Very Unconventional Love Story" ( e-book is getting a print version.

I remember being so excited to write this book that I took time away from editing "Tweak: A Hacker's Tale" to get it started. In my excitement, I wrote the chapter 'The Reveal' first and then went back and filled in up to that point. There was a rough version of this story I had started a very long time ago which had a character "Axlon" (A prototype of Kate) landing directly in Washington DC. In that precursor, Axlon was still very much a slave of the Dartuian empire. In that story-line, she was shoved out of the spaceship by her dartuian master first to face the dreaded humans as a punishment for crashing the spaceship. The ironic aspect is that the first thing an alien does when meeting a human in first contact is scream in terror.

That whole setup, however, was much too restrictive for any decent story-line. Also, the whole feel was way too uptight and formal. I trashed it and pretty much kept only the scream that Kate gives when she first meets Daniel, the big floppy hat for identity protection, and the premise of humans being biological weapons of mass destruction.  Having Kate be not only free but hidden, proficient in English (learned over years) and next-door(ish) opened up the story possibilities. I call it a love story because, in many ways, it is. It starts with characters that should be enemies and moves to a place where they become the exact opposite. I consider this a true love story more-so than many other texts which claim the title. I took pains to keep neither character from becoming a fantasy-version of the 'perfect one.' With her terrifying-alien