Portal-Walker Free Download March 2-6

I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read
Available for a limited time as a free download from March 2-6: Portal-Walker: A Transdimensional Tale (mybook.to/portal-walker)


In the following snippet, Julie Riese (a middle-school girl in the 1990's), has accidentally slipped into a dimensional portal for the first time ending up in the betwixt world (a world between worlds). She is met by a trans-dimensional wizard named Mythrysia and they chat about what brought her into the betwixt.

Mythrysia nodded and said “Yes, quite. Though you may consider talking with me about it. For you see, I am also a collector of knowledge. I have found over the years that everything matters. Every bit of information, no matter how trivial, can be infinitely important. Even such things as the quantum-wave unified theory, bio-interfacial-tension, or which celebrity is dating whom.” He winked at me and said “That last one is most important. For one never knows when they might stumble across a teenage girl from Earth in the Betwixt and suddenly find themselves trying to make conversation. I may say that young Katherine Heigl’s love interest has proven infinitely more useful this day than bio-interfacial-tension. In this way, it may be wise to ask me about your question. I have naught in mind but your happiness for I doubt I am vested in your decision one way or another.”

I swallowed hard and said “Well, ok, I guess I can talk about it. You see, there’s this boy named Jeremy.” Mythrysia cut me off and asked “What does he look like?” I thought and said “He’s handsome beyond your wildest imagination. He has a smug little smile, soft brown hair, a beautiful round face…” I looked at Mythrysia and asked “Would you know what I meant if I said he looked like JTT?” His eyes lit up and he