Meet The Character: Jaskinia

I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read

From the upcoming novel Yellowstone Protocol meet Jaskinia



“My name is Jaskinia. I was born in a lake-carved cave in my homeland of Poland. It was not easy, but I managed to obtain a PhD in biochemistry from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology State University. It was there that I learned how to utilize my specific skill set.” Jaskinia paused. She stared intently at Miranda in an uncomfortable manner. Miranda, however, was too focused on the task at hand to notice. Miranda prodded “Your talent is?” Jaskinia squinted and asked “You do not grow afraid?” Miranda shook her head in confusion “Afraid of what?” Jaskinia scoffed “Clearly you do not know what a Boginki is. The old fairy tales of us having capabilities to snatch away children and turn them into changlings are only part of the story. History holds that we are venomous and magical. Science, however, has taught me that Boginki have the capability to generate any enzyme as well as manipulate proteins tertiary structure directly.” Miranda’s mouth fell open in amazement. “You mean you can fold a protein, with your hands…er…I mean claws?” Jaskinia nodded and held up a mantis claw. She unfolded it out. Jaskinia said “Yes, it takes practice, but I can fold a protein with the nanostructured hairs on my claw. The cells in the tip of my claw are directly responsive towards my thoughts in their protein production and can be used to generate a wide array of enzymes.”  Miranda marveled. Jaskinia reclosed her claw “As I said, historically, my kind was simply regarded as poisonous and such is true for an untrained Boginki that only knows how to make a few simple toxins. By working with humans, however, I have unlocked potentials beyond the dreams of my people that have lay