MASSIVE 99 cent sale First Week of November

I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read
Massive 99 cent (or 99 pence for the other side of the pond) sale on the following books for the first week of November:

The Great Bob Stansbury (

Bob's mundane life changes radically when he stumbles on a portal to a magical world where he becomes the property of a lonely ogre...


Daniel and Kate (

The forest is a great place to find old, abandoned houses to play in, but what if one of them contains an alien hiding on Earth...


Stacey Kaunis of the Milky Way: Quest for Survival (

In a quest to prove that humans aren't weapons, Stacey perilously treks her way across the galaxy in a desperate bid to have humans declared 'legal' before they are all eliminated.


The Gospel of Lizzie (

What starts as a simple babysitting job for Lauren ends up thrusting her straight into the middle of the war between heaven and hell as young Lizzie turns out to be a hybrid between human and angle.


The Yellowstone Chronicles (

A tale that blends ancient with modern as Jeremy rushes to discover his past before the dark secrets of his families past, and their relationship to fairies, destroy him.


Soul-Eater (

A single-father's haphazard attempt at reentering the dating scene ends in disaster when his 'date' dies and he accidentally ends up in possession of her soul making him the target of dark-forces.


The Witch of Stroma (

Sir William Brody's quest for marriage leads him straight into the clutches of the dreaded Witch of Stroma, a woman of strange powers that no one understands.


Bistro Viande: Taste of Life (

In an overcrowded future, legalized cannibalism becomes the key to survival and those