Goodreads is now Good!

I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read

So, I have finally (way too late) actually got involved with Goodreads and set up a profile. My author profile is here: (

I was surprised to see how well my pen-name "Rebecca Stevens" was doing with my first nine books. Luckily, I was able to get those early books swapped to "J.S. Garner" with the caveat that they had originally been published under "Rebecca Stevens."

One may wonder why I: (a) chose to publish under Rebecca Stevens and then (b) swapped back to J.S. Garner. When I first started writing, I recognized that what I wrote was very dark and a bit racy in places. Part of that was because I didn't initially approach writing as a career, I approached it to purge raw darkness and pain out of my soul. Of course, once you're done bleeding pain across a screen what do you do? Hit 'delete'? Save it in some back-folder to be deleted later? It's already there and, weirdly, it felt a waste to just squirrel it away. I wanted to take what I was already generating as part of maintaining mental health and share it while making a few bucks. I figured the books would do better with a female author's name, so I picked the most generic female name I could. I even went so far as to promote the books under Rebecca Stevens, but then I ran into a problem...


Men kept hitting on me like crazy. I wasn't even flirting with them or anything. I will never argue with a woman when she says men are dogs. I swam in a sea of unwanted lewd pictures sent to 'Rebecca Stevens' from men around the world. It was strangely fascinating to see life, briefly, from another perspective but, at the same