All books now in print

I keep a pretty simple rule on writing. I only write it if its fun to write and interesting to read
I am happy to announce that now all J.S. Garner books are available in print as well as in e-book format. This is through Amazon print-on-demand service which creates a very nice, professionally-bound book. The only difference is the print books don't include the pictures that are found in the e-files. The story-line is all there, though. Check out both versions below or at

Mackenzie: An Assasin's Tale
Sarah and Legion: An Armageddon Tale
Tweak: A Hacker's Tale

Daniel and Kate: A very unconventional love story
Kate Greene of Earth: A Quest for Acceptance
Stacey Kaunis of the Milky Way

The Gospel of Lizzie
The Gospel of the Tempter

The Great Bob Stansbury

The Legend of Layla
Yellowstone Protocol: A Pandemic of One
Yellowstone Chronicles

Bistro Viande: Taste of Life
Bistro Afterlife: Smell of War