99 cent sale: Stacey Kaunis of the Milky Way

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Stacey Kaunis of the Milky Way 99-Cent sale from Feb 16 - Feb 23 (mybook.to/staceykaunis)
The third and final installment of the 'Daniel and Kate' series. Stacey Kaunis of the Milky Way finally gets our hero's off Earth (or near Earth-orbit) and let's us see the larger Galaxy. A few characters along the way...

Akari "The Alien Killer" Hakana
Remember Akari from 'Daniel and Kate,' the helpless Japanese college student abducted from her spring-break camping trip? Well, she's back and far from helpless. Here, Akari undergoes a radical transformation over the intervening time between the books and is a ruthlessly self-trained master of warfare.  Still, she carries scars from her past encounter which makes moral decisions all that more difficult.

The third-world scum of the galaxy and 'creators' of weaponized-humans are in a jam. The military dictatorship which has held their little corner of space together is unraveling rapidly and the spread of civil war threatens the very empire itself. Naturally, all sides want to get their hands on their favorite biological weapon, humans. Who else would fight to the death for a few shiny trinkets like diamonds and gold?

Part parasite, part drug, Kiru are a notorious species due to their capacity to inflict stings which generate paralysis. They are a popular species due to their capacity to inflict stings which generate pleasant hallucinatory sensations in their victims. Communication is telepathic by the touch of the tongue and they are highly intelligent. They are extremely illegal (almost as illegal as humans) and Stacey soon forms a bond with one over their shared status as 'banned organisms.'

Kate's co-founded terrorist organization has devolved into a common street-gang which stalks the gritty back-alley's of Nactushan. Returning back to the slums in which she grew up has a