Why I Write in My Jammies!

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For me, it’s not “jam and bread”, it’s “jam and Maureen”. In social media years, Maureen and I go way back. A few years ago, a marketing rep at the self-publisher we both used recommended that she contact me to learn about my experiences with their services. We jammed and she hammed it up and we learned from each other as fledging authors. Here’s my first post about Maureen. 

I have always had a weight problem.  For forty-five years, I have watched the numbers on the scale go up and down. So, not only was it fun for me to get to know Maureen, I was so happy to read her book, The I’m Possible Journey- Learning to Live with Sugar Addiction. I found out that Maureen is a great guide to have on the journey to health and awareness. She has a lively and agile wit that pairs well with brie and red wine…NO THAT’S ME GETING OFF TRACK. Maureen tracks it all much better than I do.

I encourage you to learn more about Maureen and her book on her new eponymous website.  (Maureen will have fun with the word eponymous.) Here is part of her Welcome message on her site.

Read about how I conquered cravings and changed my mind about sugar.

Laugh with me as I play with words and work my tools of good health.

Cry with me as I say good-bye to my dear dad–able to feel the pain and also the beauty of life because I’m in control and not being controlled by food.

So what does this all have to do with writing in my jammies? Here we go:

  1. Maureen sent me a jar of her marvelous sweet and spicy jam. 

2. Maureen recently wrote a post on jam, Traffic