The Scariest Question: “What’s for dinner?”

Jena C. Henry is a writer, blogger, book reviewer, and bon vivant. Her goal is to make friends with everyone in the world. Jena enjoys reading new books and encouraging writers to be their best. Jena C. Henry holds a juris doctor degree from the University of Akron and practiced law and raised her family in tropical Ohio. Now retired, she writes novels, conducts writing workshops and enjoys good times with friends and family. Her fiction series, The Golden Age of Charli, spotlights the love and laughter of family life and retirement.


8,000 Dinners and Counting

“What’s for dinner?” That is the scariest question, a question that causes feelings of dread in the most stalwart of mothers.

Sometimes a Mom hears this: “Honey, I’m home! What’s for dinner?”

Kids may phrase the question like this: “I’m hungry! There’s nothing to eat.”

Even the mother herself may ask this question. Have you ever walked into a mega grocery store and looked at all the bounty and wondered, “What should I make for dinner?” And no answer comes?

As a conservative estimate, I have shopped for, prepared and cooked at least 8,000 evening meals. That’s just estimating 5 dinners per week for the years I’ve been married. Sometimes the family loves my cuisine, often they say, “What is it?” or “Not that again!”  And doesn’t every cook like to explain what the weird green things are?

I know that my friends the Millennials handle cooking chores equally now, but in my life experience, preparing family meals has been my province. Cooking to please the family taste buds is my joy and job, my cherished chore, pride and peril. So as I strap on my apron, I wonder…

Why do we eat so often?

The other day, as I flipped the fish, and grabbed at the potatoes as they rolled off the counter, I thought, “Why do we have to eat so frequently?” Why do we get hungry every four to six hours? If we only had to nourish our bodies once a week or once a month, my life would be so much easier. 


Or even easier- whatever happened to the magic meal replacement pill? Did you read science fiction