My Book Club Feature: PRACTICING NORMAL by Cara Sue Achterberg

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A Story of Ordinary Family Life?


Title: Practicing Normal

Author: Cara Sue Achterberg

Release Date: June 6, 2017

Women’s Fiction- Family Life

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My claim to fame is that once upon a time best-selling author Cara Sue Achterberg nominated me for a Liebster Award. After I met her online through her blogs, I began to read her books. Here is my review of her first best-selling bookI’m Not Her. 

Since our Liebster days I continue as a hopeful writer while Cara has written her third well-received novel. She has also published a nonfiction book, Live Intentionally. I am thrilled and honored to feature Cara, and her recently published book, Practicing Normal, one of my new favorites.

After you meet Cara, I invite you to please read on and join a “meeting” of my Book Club as we discuss Practicing Normal.

Cara Sue Achterberg is a novelist, blogger, dog rescuer, and mom who lives on a hillside farm in south central, PA. Her novels, I’m Not Her and Girls’ Weekend are national bestsellers, and her next novel, Practicing Normal, was released June 6, 2017. For more information and links to her blogs, visit

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