How to Pack in a GIFfy!

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Even though I am a stay-at-home armchair traveler, there are times in my life when a trip beckons! I have been persuaded to cast off my robe and slippers and leave my cozy study to head to warmer climes in the winter, or to visit younger relatives who live around the USA to have fun with them and share my wisdom. (ha!) I have traveled to special events, such as basketball games, tree lightings and milestone celebrations. While I am reluctant to leave my kitchen, patio and dog, once I make up my mind to go, I do enjoy planning a trip and I like to pack.

I am sharing my packing tips with you, as this is the time of year when you may be planning to enjoy spring break with a visit to a fun, sunny place.

I am an early packer- I am ready to go days before the trip. What about you?

Do you throw things in your bag the morning of your departure or do you plan and ponder?




Many times when you travel, you face options and decisions to make about what to pack. If you are going to a warmer place- throw in your shorts and sleeveless tops. But what if it gets chilly at night? Or you get cool in the air conditioning? Or if there is a freaky cold spell?

What if you are going to the beach- add your swim suit and flip flops to your pile of shorts. But maybe you should take your old tried