Happy Father’s Day to the Stouthearted Men

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Shoulder to Shoulder!

Happy Father’s Day to all the stout-hearted men, fathers, and grandfathers. Even though the song Stout Hearted Men was written in the 1920’s, I would think most people can still march in place hum and hum a few bars of  this catchy tune.

Give me some men who are stout-hearted men

Who will fight for the right they adore.

Start me with ten…”

Sigmund Romberg and Oscar Hammerstien II wrote this tune in the 1920’s for a Broadway operetta that also made it to the movie screen. Nelson Eddy sang and rallied the men in the movie The New Moon in 1940.

Many artists in addition to Nelson Eddy recorded this song, including Barbra Streisand. You can still buy it on iTunes.

My Dad’s surname was Eddey which was close enough to make our family fans of Nelson Eddy. I can remember my dad playing this record on his hi-fi. My dad was also born in the 1920’s, like the operetta. And also like the operetta, which was the last of the Viennese-inspired musicals produce on Broadway, my Dad was an only child, and the Eddey name stopped with him.

The convergence of these facts got me to reminiscing about my Dad and the stout-hearted men, my grandfathers, before him. They were good men- family men, church men, solid men, who followed the rules. They were also serious men from serious times. They loved their families and they loved me in a quiet, important way. I loved them all and I thank them for the blessings of their resolute examples.

My Grandfathers

The people in my family tree generally married later in life, so my grandfathers were both born in the late 1880’s.

My Grandpa Eddey

Grandpa Eddey was born in the New York City area. He was a business