Guess What We Sang on Vacation?

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Our Jolly Song of the South

Sunny Florida called to us, so my husband and I packed our shorts and swimsuits, took the dog-baby to the kennel and headed to Orlando. As many of you know by now, I love to stay home but we have a favorite place to go, so Orlando is almost like home to me, and in January it has a pool, a lounge chair and easy access to beverages and appetizers.

So, we dropped off the dog, turned on the seat warmers, found the business station on the satellite radio and confidently headed to the highway. Then we remembered that we had forgotten something important, so we looped back home before getting on the interstate. We needed our pool noodles! We have saved these for five years now and they are vital, because a big part of the pool experience is a lazy river!

Since we are back at home we also stopped at the bathroom and double-checked that all the doors were locked and then we were truly on our way. We drove to Columbia, S.C. and had dinner and a pitcher of Bahama Mama’s with some of our favorite relatives. The next day, we had eight hours more to go, which we thought would be fine, but after five hours we began to get tired and cranky. We stopped for gas, and attached to the gas station was a Dairy Queen! It’s amazing how fantastic we felt after we slurped down a Peanut Butter Parfait.


We checked in to our timeshare and started our routine: go to the pool, sit in the hot tub, and then circle around and around the lazy river. We did this everyday and for the rest of the time we  planned where to go out to eat