Charli and Jena Reveal All!

Jena C. Henry is a writer, blogger, book reviewer, and bon vivant. Her goal is to make friends with everyone in the world. Jena enjoys reading new books and encouraging writers to be their best. Jena C. Henry holds a juris doctor degree from the University of Akron and practiced law and raised her family in tropical Ohio. Now retired, she writes novels, conducts writing workshops and enjoys good times with friends and family. Her fiction series, The Golden Age of Charli, spotlights the love and laughter of family life and retirement.


The Golden Age of Charli-GPS

The Golden Age of Charli-GPS


My book character Charli, texted me to set up an interview. A few months ago, I had sat down with her and now she was ready to turn the tables and ask me some questions. We decided to meet by my outdoor fireplace with a nip of brandy. Before we started, I ran back in to the house for a warmer jacket and scarf and when I settled back by the fireplace and poked at the flames, she was eager to begin.


Charli: thanks for sharing the big news with me! About the reveal! The cover reveal!


Jena: Hi Charli! No warm up questions from you, we are plunging right in?


Charli: We’ll have plenty of time to dissect you- but I can’t wait to share the cover. Our third book- here it is!


Jena: So you like it?


Charli: I love it and so will everyone else! The blue is so pretty and I like the idea of the picnic basket. And the glasses of wine, of course!


Jena: The third book in my series…


Charli: OUR series


Jena: (choking on my warm amber brandy) Ok, OUR series is The Golden Age of CharliGPS. The picnic set up and outdoor scene reminded me of travel…


Charli: But I do much more than travel in Book 3!


Jena: Yes, you do- you also travel inwardly and do some thinking about the meaning of life, the meaning of your life.


Charli: You make our book sound boring!