Book Release Day: MAISY AND MAX by Jane O’Brien

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Book 2 is here!

If you loved Ruby and Sal 

as much as I did

get ready to be swept away

by Maisy and Max!

Author Jane O’Brien continues the magic, the romance, the enchantment of unforgettable characters, living in unforgettable times and unforgettable places. And the most unforgettable of all…the ruby and diamonds necklace!

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My 5 Star Review… 

The magic continues! Author O’Brien is known for crafting memorable, likeable characters. Many of them are ordinary regular folk, some have problems and flaws but they all leave a lasting picture in our minds. Author O’Brien also paints word descriptions of her beloved western Michigan and we can see the crimson sunsets, hear the sound of the waves and the birds, and sense the peace of the forests. The scenery and the weather are like characters, too and enrich the story for us.

So, let’s get on with the story, shall we? Maisy and Max is the second book in “The Unforgettables” trilogy. While this book can stand alone and Ms. O’Brien deftly weaves in the back story, I recommend that you start with the first book in the series to get the full impact. And why not read “Ruby and Sal”? The first book was my favorite…until this book, Maisy and Max.

We meet several generations in book two, starting in 1895 with Edward, a circus performer with Barnum and Bailey who has come to a crossroads in his life. He takes a walk in rainy London, where the circus stays for the winter, and stumbles into a fortuneteller’s shop. Edward is greeted by an old gypsy who unclasps a glowing ruby and diamond necklace and gives it to him- insisting that he is the rightful owner. The necklace starts the story of magic, fantasy, and