Staying Focused

Eshelle Butler was born and raised in Chicago Illinois. She graduated from Columbia College Chicago and has a BA in Marketing Communications and Journalism. She also has a background in music. In addition to being an Author, she is also a Poet, Screenwriter, and Blogger. Eshelle is divorced and has one child and currently resides in a small town outside of Chicago Illinois.
I don't know if any of you have this problem but I have had it for my entire adult life and it is sometimes crippling. It stifles my creativity and I absolutely hate it. I have the type of mind that can think about multiple things in a single minute. My friends must have thought I was crazy because I used to bounce around from one topic to another so quickly. I highly recommend the book "Battlefield Of The Mind" by Joyce Meyer. I began reading this book and I was amazed to find out that I was not the only one that had this problem and it truly helped me. It shows you how to stay focused and how to combat the types of thoughts and figure out the source of those negative thoughts that tend to creep into your mind at any given moment. The only problem for me is that I have a very hard time remembering things that I read so I will most likely be reading this book again. Funny thing is that I never had this problem until the internet came about. The internet is a great source of information and entertainment but  sometimes I think it forces you to not think. At least not as hard. Unfortunately there's just as many bad things on the internet as there are good things and it's hard to shield yourself from certain types of news content or images when it's flashing live and in color right on your computer screen as soon as you turn it on or go to a certain web page. I tend to stay on the internet too long and I get information overload. I don't know, maybe I'm a little addicted to it to some degree. I'm surfing the web or managing my