Understanding Image Copyright and Licenses - for Bloggers and DIY Authors

I'm deeply involved in the Indie industry. Editing, Writing, Book and Cover Design, Marketing... I love helping authors publish high quality books. To be honest, I have no patience for those who don't even try. See, I love to read. The first picture of me holding a book, I was in the crib! So, sloppy books offend me on a personal level. To me, it's no different than serving spoiled food in the restaurant.
There are many beautiful, professional images on the Internet, and when you need one for your post or your book or your marketing materials, you might be in the habit of downloading and using whatever pleases you.
Unknown to many, someone can sue you for using an image they own the copyright to, when you post it on your blog or use it on your book's cover or on any of your designs. Even if you give them credit. Even if you alter it. It all depends on the license attached to the image.

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