Review of The Atlantis Gene by A.G. Riddle

I'm deeply involved in the Indie industry. Editing, Writing, Book and Cover Design, Marketing... I love helping authors publish high quality books. To be honest, I have no patience for those who don't even try. See, I love to read. The first picture of me holding a book, I was in the crib! So, sloppy books offend me on a personal level. To me, it's no different than serving spoiled food in the restaurant.
I have to review this before I plunge into the next book in the trilogy.
I've never read a satisfying story about the myth of Atlantis, until now. It's no wonder that The Atlantis Gene is a million copy bestseller, and could be a movie soon. The journey of A.G Riddle and this book is an inspiration to self published authors. This book was initially self published.
The Atlantis Gene connects so many unanswered mysteries. Was there really an advanced race that disappeared under the ocean like Plato said? Where is the missing link? Why did homo sapiens suddenly move to the top of the food chain, called The Great Leap Forward? Why not the Neanderthals who were stronger and had bigger brains? Did someone interfere eons ago? Did they somehow manipulate our genes? Were we visited by more advanced beings? What if it was all true? How do we deal with that information.... Yummy questions to ponder.

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